The staple of our adult discipleship is our Adult Sunday School Class.  This class is taught by Pastor Kevin or one of the church elders and is specifically intended to promote spiritual growth through understanding the Bible.  The primary teaching style is lecture and discussion.  Kevin will use visual aids, video, and other tools to help illustrate the lesson from time to time as well. Sunday School is a casual atmosphere where many people drink coffee and enjoy a tasty snack.  You can participate or just listen.  There is often a handout to help follow the lesson.

Pastor Kevin’s belief is that as a result of reading God’s Word we should never be the same.  So, while the content of Sunday School focuses on knowledge, each week’s lesson closes with application.  “What are we going to do”, or “how are we going to be different based on what God has said to us today” are the kinds of questions that help us to apply God’s word.


Note* Adult Sunday School currently meets in the sanctuary and follows the music team’s rehearsal/warm-up.  Just come on in as they are finishing up so Sunday School can start on time.