Our Leadership

Pastor Kevin 

Pastor Mario

Pastor Gabriel 

We believe that our pastors are held to 5 basic roles in their pastoral ministry


Intercessory Role

Our Pastors are called to pray for the people of their church, and so they do, every week, by name.  Our pastors also pray for the over all ministry of the church and for the spiritual growth of the people of the church. 


Doctrinal Role

Our Pastors are called to declare the whole counsel of God, guard against falsehood, and model biblical truth by serving as examples of godliness.  Our pastors are called to live out loud what they preach.  



Shepherding Role

Our Pastors are called to oversee the spiritual life and development of the church body.  They are to provide pastoral care for the church, supervise the church membership, and as necessary perform duties of discipline, removal, and restoration among the membership.  They are to steward the church finances.

Development Role

Our Pastors are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  They are entrusted to identify, train, and develop next generation leaders for the future success of the church. 


Missional Role

Our Pastors are called to lead the church in professing the Great Confession.  
They are to lead the church in obeying the Great Commandment.
They are to Lead the church in pursuing the Great Commission.