2nd Sunday Dates and Topics for 2019-2020
October 13, Ghost, Demons, Zombies and Werewolf’s.  America after dark
November 10, Communicating love without acceptance to the LGBQT culture?
December 15, The War on Christians, When the State Becomes God.  Standing strong when others bow.
January 12, Gun Violence and God’s Plan, Making sense of the evil we experience every day.
February 9, Islam, Immigration, and the Church.  Balancing compassion with security.
March 15, Global Warming, Climate Change, The End of the World!  Living confident in a world on fire?

December 2019

Gun Violence & God’s plan

Making Sense of the Evil that we experience, or see on the news, every day.

October 2019

Ghost, Demons, Zombies, and Monsters: America After Dark

What are the things that go bump in the night and make your skin crawl. More importantly, how do we understand and answer for the things that desire to capture the hearts and minds of today’s culture.  The Bible is filled with scary stories of ghost, monsters, and the like.  How can we leverage these things to connect with the world that loves the dark so we can show them the light.