Presenter, Jason WIlloughby

Our gospel coach, Jason Willoughby, has a unique ability to bridge the gap between quiet souls and outgoing souls.   He has twenty years of experience shepherding in three different communities in the Pacific Northwest. 

His mission was that of a turnaround pastor of churches trapped in a negative loop, seeking Christ’s aid in break their cycles and in laying a new foundation of relationships and community based on His grace.   In these settings, Jason lived out his passion for corporate prayer, regional gospel movements, and team and group-based ministry. 

You can listen to his testimony here on the Luis Palau City Gospel movements podcast.



June 4-5, 2021 – Workshop

 Friday evening and Saturday morning until about lunch time, Jason will lead the interactive workshop. Materials will be provided along with refreshments.

Think about it. 80% of the people in our congregations are on the quieter, more private, less outgoing side. Their biggest fear is public speaking, and they’re not great salespeople. In fact, those things backfire on them and end up being traumatic.
What if, instead, we designed an evangelism training that built on what the introverted, quieter super-majority was already great at? Things like listening, noticing little things in others, and being thoughtful, reliable, and trusted in deeper relationships. What if we focused on all those people in the body of Christ who are gifted by the Spirit with gifts of helps, generosity, and mercy?
We turned what if into “here it is!”
Register below to reserve your seat.  Materials and refreshments will be provided free of charge following the Morning Service.  Donations will be accepted to support Jason’s Ministry.