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March 2018

Jesus has Power Over Death: Mathew 9:18-26

Jesus has the power over death.  We learn from this encounter with Jesus that in the same way we need healing when we are sick, we also need spiritual healing when we are spiritually sick. Sin is a sickness that leads to spiritual death and Jesus is the only on who has power over death. Our Great Physician has come to heal those who are spiritually sick. 

February 2018

Jesus has Power over Demons: Mathew 8:28-34

Jesus has power over the spiritual realms.  Do not be afraid, the enemy seeks to do you harm, but Jesus has power over the enemy.  

January 2018

Sharing Love and Joy Is Better than Acting Religious Acts 2:43-47

As Christians we sometimes retreat to the rules and regulations of religion to avoid the mess of relationships. God hasn’t called us to follow rules, he has called us to a relationships for a purpose. 

Faith Costs Something Acts 7:51-60

Faith comes at a cost.  In America, persecution is not nearly as prevalent as it is in others.  Open Door USA just released it’s watch list and reminds us that we are privileged to live in a place where we can openly share our faith.  

When Death is Yesterdays News John 11:1-44

The Resurrection of Jesus is central to the power of the church, the reason for the church, and the continued growth of the church. It overwhelms our senses and pushes us to belief. But what if the news of resurrection falls out of the headlines and becomes yesterday’s news?

December 2017

Listening to the Leading of the Lord

Christmas is over, Jesus is born, but what about those wise men? God spoke directly to these men and Joseph to protect Jesus in his earliest years.

The Gift of Redemption

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time to reflect on the Light that has come to the world.  Jesus is the perfect gift to receive, and to share.

The Anticipation of Bethlehem

Bethlehem may not seem like a very important place, but some pretty important things took place in this little town as foretold by Micah the prophet.  These things tell the story that God has a plan for each of us in the small thing and in the great things of our lives.  

The Evidence of God

God has given us evidence of Jesus in the Bible. You are also His evidence to the world.  The first several minutes of this sermon are chapter 2 of “Bartimaeus: A Christmas Story” from the family devotional, “Prepare Him Room” by Marty Machowski

The Hope of a Child

Christmas is about the gift of hope not found under a tree, but on a tree.