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March 2020

I AM the Bread of LIfe

Jesus satisfies physical hunger with spiritual nourishment.  While many are looking in the pantry for a snack, Jesus has prepared a meal for us that will satisfy for all eternity.  Come and enjoy what the Lord has prepared for us.  

God of the Underdog Paul vs. The World

God Transformed Saul into Paul and he can transform you too.  He will transform you but he will leave you in your world where you will have to live IN it, but not by OF it.  How do we do that?

January 2020

Service & Stewardship: Jeremiah 29:7

We are called to Serve.  To serve those in our sphere of influence (OIKOS) by sharing opportunities for them to hear the Gospel.

Prayer & Worship: Luke 11:1-4

Jesus gave us the example. Have a Time, a specific Place, Pray out Loud, & end with “AMEN”

December 2019

Goals for Growing: Reading the Bible

Start your New Year out by pursing a life on purpose.  How?  By thinking purposefully about your goals for growing as a person.  

Mathew 2:1-2: The Journey to Jesus

Gun Violence & God’s plan

Making Sense of the Evil that we experience, or see on the news, every day.

A Christmas to Behold: Mathew 1:23 & Isaiah 7:14

God’s plan for a relationship that is: Human, Holy, & Holistic

A Christmas to Behold: Luke 1:31-33

His Name is Jesus. Mary received the news that she would have a son & his name would be Jesus.

November 2019

Black Friday: Mathew 6:26-34

Jesus paid the high price so you don’t have to. The Gift of Salvation is Free. But you have to accept the Free gift.