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October 2018

4. Oikos: Meaningful Relationships (Acts 2:46-47)

When we love God, we are then able to love one another.  So, we need to be engaged in meaningful relationships.  Many people are not engaged in meaningful relationships, they are just standing next to people.    So, what does a meaningful relationship look like?

5. OIKOS: Meaningful Roles (Philippians 2:1-11)

Self-promotion and servant-hood don’t mix, but it’s easy to get them mixed up.  A lot of our service can be self-serving at times.  We need to be honest with ourselves about that.  We can serve simply so that other people will like us.  We can serve to achieve selfish goals.  We can serve as sort […]

6. Oikos: A shift in our Ministry (Mathew 16:18 )

Oikos is a community/kingdom-building model, not a brick and mortar-building model. So, Oikos is not a sermon series, it is not a new idea.  It is a shift in our thinking, and a shift in our ministry.  This last installment of the oikos series moves us to change the world for Christ by influencing our world […]

September 2018

Healthy Relationships with the Triune God

God’s Word calls s to examine our hearts and know with unshakable certainty that we are a child of God. How do we do that though? This sermon answers the question, how do I know If I have a healthy relationship with God?

Healthy Relationships With My Enemies

There are people that we just don’t seem to get along with no matter what we do. How does God’s word instruct us to handle these types of things.

Healthy Relationships at Church

Relationships at church start with our relationship with God.  that is the basis and everything else follows from there.

Healthy Relationships in the Work Place

Healthy relationships are essential to life and wellness and we often focus on our relationships with our loved ones the most.  However, if you spend half your awake life at work, don’t those matter too?

August 2018

Healthy Relationships Single or Married

Our identity is not wrapped up in our status, and as crazy as it sounds, being single might be just what the Lord has for you.

Healthy Relationships lead to Deepening Friendships

Robert is an Adult Bible Study Leader at Grace Community Baptist Church.  His take on deepening friendships is a stark reminder that heaven and hell hang in the balance of our friendships.  Deepening our relationships has an eternal wight and consequence that matters greatly.  

May 2018


What does it mean to live and elevated life?  Jesus explains it all to us in his famous Sermon on the mount.  He begins his sermon by proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is near and then begins to reveal to us that this kingdom is more than a physical place, it is a in […]