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October 2017

We are all Rich James 5:1-6

God has given us great riches, and we are called to use them for his kingdom purposes.

Unfollowing John 6:51

Stories of Hope is a series of sermons inspired around the idea of sharing the stories of God and our stories to bring hope to a hurting world.

Boasting James 4:11-17

Boasting James 4:11-17

September 2017

Faith Submits James 4:1-12

We live in a time of wars.  There are wars waged around us, but also in us.  The wars for our attention, our hearts, our integrity are fierce battles.  We can overcome the struggles and pursue peace through confession, submission,and humility.  

No Favorites James 2:1-13

Jesus doesn’t play favorites so why do we?God has a theology of “whosoever”, but we do not. What do we need to do to grow into God’s theology of not playing favorites?