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July 2019

Summer Play List: Psalms 146 1-10

King David himself has cautioned believers not to put their trust in Men, but in God.  This sermon challenges us to consider who we have placed our trust and security in for our lives and well being.  The very beginning of this sermon was cut off.  the story it jumps into is that an outgoing […]

Pastor Kevin Lewis’ Ordination Ceremony

Elder Don Hillgaertner, Royce Curtis, Kevin Lewis, and Ray Casper all speak during this ordination service.

Summer Play List: Psalms 100: 1-5

Psalm 100 tells us what worship is all about.  The Psalmist helps us to see that our worship together has power and purpose.  This sermon challenges us to consider what our attitude in worship is and what we need to do to have proper perspective as we come into worship.

June 2019

Summer Play List: Psalms 67:1-7

Sometimes you might hear someone pray that God would shine His face upon them.  This phrase has great meaning and is a powerful concept.  It invokes the idea that God would bless his people.  This sermon examines the idea of why God would bless people and what our proper perspective should be.